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"The first block" is the "heart disease", not "skin"

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Recently, on the capital Beijing governance "traffic congestion," the article in the People's Daily, Xinhua and other major Web site has become a hot topic, but also experts, scholars, friends are talking about the hot spots, especially in the "power forum" of the "E G Plaza "E netizens wide variety of cases is the wise see wisdom eyes of the beholder. Governance in Beijing, "traffic jams" in the Long March, we can easily find, can not always get rid of "blocking" and the "rule", "rule" the more "blocking" of repeatedly re-re-Fanfan embarrassment . The reason, I humbly believe that Beijing "governance traffic jams" in the process made a big mistake, that is, the original is "heart" of the "first block" as "skin" to control: the car is always more The "traffic jams", how do? Road! Ever since, from the old part of Beijing Amendment to the Third Ring Ring Ring, Ring Ring and from the six amendments to the pentacyclic ring, has been revised to the current eight-seven ring ring! Do the same vicious cycle continues, the future repairs to nine rings Beijing ten rings, I am afraid it can not solve "traffic congestion" problem. Figured out through careful research, Caomin have found a "first block" the real culprit is not "skin" but "heart"! Mainly in two aspects: "Heart disease" is one: high-level policy-making bias. Some policy makers are always one-sided view, so long as to develop China's automotive industry, and can quickly catch up with the developed capitalist countries. As a result, China's auto output from 10 million units a few years ago, is now suddenly increased to 1,600 million units. In fact, the development of the private car industry is a short-sighted economy. If the unrestricted development of the national auto industry, do not take measures to restrict private cars, the control of government vehicles, I am afraid all of China's arable land is used for building roads, building garages and parking lots are not enough! So, If this continues, I am afraid that the future development of Beijing to ten rings, twenty-ring, the surrounding counties and cities to Beijing, Tianjin and all wrapped in, the road is not enough. At the same time, energy, traffic problems, oil reserves, air quality problems, and so one after another - have come one after another of the! "Heart" of the two: the distorted values at work. Since the reform and opening up, some people get rich, especially when there are some middle-class society, they hand money to the country? In the "all about money," Driven by Ever since, tickets, house seat, cars, women and other "new five sub Davydenko" has eleven grand debut! The most terrible is that now some people's values, outlook on life seriously distorted, their climb due to the rich, the rich psychological mischief-hyun, once some people have adequate food and clothing after the two Xiuqian hand, they think of buying a car! "Prefer to sit in the BMW car crying and would not sit smiling on the bike" - "worships money and women" Mano reveal the aspirations of the middle class who have the mentality nowadays vividly the show out! People rush to buy cars, "vehicles" natural causes "the first block." "Heart disease" and also "heart" to rule! "Heart" day is not removed, "the first blocking" is solved!
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