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Easy and psoriasis (psoriasis) confusion of several skin diseases

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There are many skin symptoms are similar, so people often confused. Red Cross Hospital, Shandong Province, following intervention psoriasis treatment center for us to introduce several experts confused unified skin. 1. Seborrheic dermatitis edge is not very clear, few scales at the base less invasive and thin, light yellow, greasy film phenomenon and not after curettage spotting. 2. Pityriasis rosea occur in the trunk and proximal extremities, the majority of small oval patch, its long axis along the direction of the ribs and striae arranged in small, thin scales large, most patients after several weeks of healing, not easily fade recurrence, the incidence of a nevus is often the first and then gradually increased. 3. Vice psoriasis scales less reflected in its surface slightly thinner around the inflammation, there is no film phenomenon and spotting no symptoms. 4. Discoid lupus erythematosus occur in the face, cheeks and nose, especially the back, showing butterfly distribution, erythema telangiectasia state clearly visible on the surface, the scaling and erythema scales for the adhesive peel adhesion scales closely, we can see its next expansion The underside of a lot of hair follicle mouth scaling spiny skin disease processes can be seen falling into depression pigmentation damage to central atrophy. 5. Frequently can be expressed as chronic eczema, erythema overlying scales, particularly those occurring in the calf, but the intense itching associated with chronic eczema and more, bilaterally symmetrical lesions of psoriasis as compared with the infiltration of heavy, not thin surface scales were silver-white base color red can have water seepage. Several more are easy to confuse the skin, especially seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis rosea, etc., skin is usually more painful for patients, we recommend early treatment of skin diseases, a speedy recovery.
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