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The expert offers psoriasis patient seek medical advice 3 old new ideas

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Psoriasis is lifelong disease

A few the first time the patient that gets psoriasis hopes can as soon as possible " effect a radical cure " , but the expert thinks, because psoriasis is sent because cause of disease is extremely complex, medical bound has not been found up to now " effect a radical cure " method, this kind is ill on good, basically should accompany a patient lifelong.

Many empiric are affirmatory to psoriasis patient now, the drug that uses him can effect a radical cure psoriasis. This kind of acceptance is not the knowledge that he lacks psoriasis, it is behavior of a kind of deceit. The doctor that any bears the blame dare not speak such word.

The manage of hair interpretation of the cause of psoriasis still is at present fan, the medical worker on the world still fails to find effect a radical cure thoroughly this ill method. The patient reachs a hospital go to a doctor can be to pass comprehensive treatment to achieve only clinical cure, do not have a relapse inside period of time. A data that he provides shows, some psoriasis patients are clinical after curing, did not have a relapse 22 the longest years, the shortest only half month. He says, the meeting after some skin pathological changes are treated through a paragraph of period gradually subsidise, some meetings are retreated completely clean, achieve namely clinical cure, but the immune function of the food that when has a relapse so that treat a patient, habits and customs and oneself, fitness, want all one's life to have a relapse no longer, current medical treatment level returns short of, effect a radical cure psoriasis still remains medical worker is discussed further.

The doctor admonishs, psoriasis patient is not a few more credulous quack " the bag is treated " crammer, spend money of a lot of injustice, break down body lane; Do not see relevant advertisement believes, should undertake to normal hospital the system is treated, just can control pathological changes effectively in that way.

Treat psoriasis to answer successive

The method that treats psoriasis is varied, applicable medicines and chemical reagents is very much also, have a lot of efficacy of a drug dye-in-the-wood " fierce medicine " short-term inside get effective very fast, but from long-term look, great to human body harm. The expert thinks, because the manage of hair interpretation of the cause of psoriasis is complex, should adopt comprehensive treatment method, make the patient's illness gets controlling.

The method that treats psoriasis currently has hundreds of kinds, some doctors rely on a kind " fierce medicine " remedial psoriasis, the patient is very much also. But, some medicines and chemical reagents are in short-term inside cured psoriasis really, the patient's skin is smooth, but splanchnic gave an issue however. He says, some medicaments can make dermatosis rapid really subsidise, the patient is glad temporarily, but efficacy of a drug passes, the disease can have a relapse quickly, disturbed former patient's condition, make disease pathological changes gets bigotry to be treated hard.
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