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Means of go to a doctor and the investigation that health teachs pair of psorias

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The research in the past makes clear, infection, traumatic, medicaments is its cut inducement truly, latter domestic and international the research report that concerns about element of mental insecurity, psychology and psoriasis is more, think the happening of psychological element and social environment and psoriasis develops have affinity, it is the main factor that psoriasis comes on and accentuates. Accordingly, psoriasis belongs to category of heart body disease. The patient that there is 58.6% in the article lacks enough understanding to its disease, this and the photograph that foreign Ramsay reports are consistent. Because current society is photogenic,have misunderstanding to psoriasis when much person, pressure of psoriasis patient psychology is very great, make illness accentuation, cure counteractive, the value that this shows health teachs. In the meantime, this investigation and study shows the patient that has 65.7% ever had accepted the treatment of individual doctor, the patient of 1/3 thinks its curative effect is poorer than normal hospital, the patient of 68% thinks its treat charge to compare normal hospital difference, the patient of 1/3 has the side effect with distinct weight to happen, the patient of 15.6% ever had injected " entrance injection " , this and the photograph that domestic chestnut family name reports are consistent. Accordingly, kind of different go to a doctor and not systematic cure, make coriaceous steroid, anticarcinogen and immune depressor abuse, make an illness complex, cure is stubborn, the burden is aggravating. The article still shows, the psoriasis patient with healthy education low rate and the patient that had accepted individual doctor treatment pass good healthy education and standard treatment, the illness improves apparently. So, job of psoriasis of prevention and cure must rise psoriasis patient organization, strengthen what psoriasis concerns knowledge to popularize education, make psoriasis patient treats a disease correctly, reduce its pressure and burden, admonish the patient is small should drop medical service in disorder unhealthily, avoid to get the harm of cure source sex and the recrudesce that prevent a disease and accentuation, with psoriasis of prevention and cure of modern medicine mode, mix cure attend put in coequal position. Accordingly, pattern of regular go to a doctor and good health are taught, can make the illness improves, cure even.

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