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Mood of psoriasis patient angst reachs psychological society influencing factor

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Psoriasis patient is put in the angst mood with obvious move really, and according to the report, angst can make ill caustic relapse, cure hard.

Stimulate theory according to cognitive heart behoove, answer the psychological society element such as support of means, society and individual character individually to affect the result that should stimulate incident possibly. Accordingly these psychological society elements affect the angst mood of psoriasis patient possibly also to react. Dependency analysis union is multivariate recursive analysis shows, social support, inactive answer and jumpy character trait has main effect to the angst of psoriasis patient. Social support should stimulate as a kind of antagonism " exterior resource " , have active sense to easing the worry of psoriasis patient; Psoriasis patient is used " mood of unfavorable discharge negative disposition, encounter affliction to like one person to be in alone " etc inactive answer can aggravating angst, have the psoriasis patient of jumpy character trait, its angst mood is more serious. In addition, according to article result, the literacy rate of psoriasis patient is higher, its anxiety level is lower, because taller patient adjusts literacy rate,this may be the property of the disease and prognosis understand more, more be good at psychological adjustment.

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