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Psoriasis biology cure considers to make progress

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The cure of psoriasis is a bewildering problem all the time. In going a few years, the research that treats about psoriasis may exceed skin of any one seed coat ill. However, although already had the fights psoriasis treatment method with not little amount to and remedy, but because curative effect is very not ideal, or in " convenient, safe " wait for a respect to existing very big drawback. Like actinic therapeutics (PUVA, UVB) the requirement has corresponding remedial center, and have send photosensitive potentially gender and the sex that cause cancer. If element of annulus Bao bacterium has kidney noxiousness,a few systems are treated, ammoniac Jia Dieling has liver noxiousness and marrow to restrain, dimension formic acid has the sex that send abnormal, tar preparation is easy chromatic and flavour is heavy, use inconvenience, the patient is accepted hard. Consequently the clinical application of afore-mentioned medicaments gets very big limitation. Census makes clear foundation of completely beautiful psoriasis recently, only 26% psoriasis patient feels special satisfaction to current remedial method, the patient that has 22% additionally feels satisfactory, but the half that the patient of this two parts still is less than all patients. Accordingly, the one big heat that the research that treats in the light of psoriasis still is dermatosis research domain. The ceaseless development that studies as mechanism of psoriasis immunity pathology in recent years reachs the advance rapidly of gene project technology, already was developed or developing the biology preparation of psoriasis of a batch of cure, their action bit of accurate, poisonous side-effect is lesser, brought a hope to psoriasis patient. The article makes one overview with respect to the biology preparation of psoriasis.

1.Biology preparation brief introduction

Biology preparation is to show driven content organizes extraction, or use recombine DNA technology the biology albumen member that large-scale complex has certain pharmacodynamics active. Its action mechanism nothing more than two kinds big: Imitate or the function that disturb element of some kind of albumen inside body. According to its biologic character can divide it is 3 kinds: Antibody, shirt-sleeve albumen, and recombine cellular factor. Insulin is the commonnest biology preparation. Current, biology preparation transplants in disease of system of diabetic, blood, organ already wait for a domain to be used extensively. A few immunity diseases that have similar hair interpretation of the cause to make with psoriasis (include defect of family name of rheumatoid arthritis, clone) delectable curative effect was obtained after classics biology preparation is treated, accordingly, investigator tries the biology cure of psoriasis.
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