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Gules embryo billiard-marker is 3 kinds of circumstances

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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Hunan day Metropolis Daily) Miss Feng: Facial ministry has gules birthmark, can in order to use operation dispel? Can you leave scar?

The first hospital of Wuhan city Zhen of Wang Wei of doctor of dermatological department vice director: According to clinical expression, billiard-marker of facial and gules embryo is: 1, mole of bright red spot. Expression does not have the addition of ply for the skin, it is the change of color only, for red or purple macula; 2, strawberry shape hemangioma. Expression is a bit the gules macula of face of tower above skin or cyst; 3, fungous hemangioma. Expression is facial strut, cyan or wine macula, its issue a likelihood to have softer tubercle or cyst.

Before two kinds of circumstances can stimulate smooth cure with pulse. If be the 3rd kind of circumstance, should undertake angiography, make intervening treatment, partial patient can make operation treatment.

After proposal patient sees a doctor to normal hospital, according to actual condition the choice treats way.

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