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Facial birthmark appropriate uses laser treatment

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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Hunan day Metropolis Daily) Mr Yang: There is birthmark on the face, how should eliminate?

The first hospital of Wuhan city Zhen of Wang Wei of doctor of dermatological department vice director: Facial birthmark can stimulate smooth cure with pulse, this is at present optimal treats a method. Birthmark color is different, remedial result is endless also and same. Have commonly: Blue or young black (too cropland mole) , recovery rate can amount to 95% above; Coffee (coffee spot) , remedial effect is inferior to too cropland mole, the part can be cured, the part can have a relapse, the part is invalid, generally speaking spot is more regular, remedial effect is poorer; Gules () of mole of hemangioma, bright red spot, can get better improvement; Pilose grows on pigment spot () of wool pigment mole, come on time is shorter, remedial effect is better.

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