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Psoriasis and quality of healthy and relevant life

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The value of HRQOL is measured in psoriasis

Psoriasis is the common disease of dermatological department, frequently-occurring disease, chronic, produce mechanism to have not be over to its at present complete brake bright; Consider as genetic basis to go up commonly, much element makes used kill integratedly. Clinical on the doctor often relies on instinctive and affirmatory disease the influence degree to the patient, treat plan certainly thereby. But the evaluation that the patient affects life quality to the disease may differ with the doctor. Latter can convey a patient to be opposite better of disease and cure personal experience, the measurement that passes life quality is directive and clinical cure. In recent years, as physiology - psychology - the development of social medicine mode person benevolence realises psychology generally - nerve element produces the effect in mechanism in the disease. Come on related to psoriasis the life circumstance of level, all can get the psychological influence because of all alone. Him patient must consider in treating a disease ability gives to the disease child rational therapy, the skin feels as implement, in process of development of individual body and mind, having main effect: Have very big effect to life incident, thought communication, self-awareness. Because all alone,take no account of these, the incidence of a disease of psoriasis can increase, or dissatisfactory to cure. Already research makes clear psoriasis to have the effect of different level to daily life, psychology and human relations in society. Psychology of its pathology physiology, society and culture setting are in disease happening all having main effect. To its way of psychological nerve immunity is in the action in disease happening, accentuation already had preliminary discuss.

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