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Psoriasis patient knows condition of know the inside story and remedial error to

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The viewpoint of psoriasis of prevention and cure of modern medicine mode is must rise the element union of face of tripartite of biology, psychology, society undertake preventing and cure. Some closer year come more and more document point out psoriasis is typical heart body maladjusted disease, appeal a cure and attend put in coequal position. In clinical work

A lot of doctors neglect psychotherapy job in, this and psoriasis of prevention and cure of modern medicine mode are violated, only understanding knows modern medicine pattern, ability finds the optimal method with reasonable and effective psoriasis of prevention and cure.

Undertake to the patient health teachs the job on the foundation that so called psychotherapy is diagnosing correctly namely, remove the patient is mixed to the insecurity of the disease anxious. Psychological element can be caused and the mechanism of aggravating psoriasis already had research, put forward psychological insecurity to be able to make feel nerve releases P material and other nerve peptide in the skin, and the nerve that P material contains in psoriasis patient skin increases, its P material causes proliferation of horny protein cell. And system of central nervous of patient of indication psoriasis of domestic scholar research and consensual as disorder as parasympathetic nerve occurrence function, cause metabolization unbalance and immune function thereby disorder. The happening of element of reason spirit nerve and psoriasis, aggravating, alleviate, cure having close tie. In clinical work we must understand the reason that creates patient psychology tension above all, do good psychology to consult the job, must let each psoriasis patient understanding: ① psoriasis is not genetic; ② is not had pass

Catch a gender; ③ does not affect health and life; ④ disease itself is not encroached splanchnic reach evil change. Eliminate social discrimination at the same time, make the patient is euqally with normal person in nervous without psychological pressure and spirit normal atmosphere the life. Recombine illness is reasonable choose the medicaments with avirulent side-effect or very little side effect, notice medical effect and medicaments noxiousness are compared, reduce cure source sex to damage, so comprehensive treatment can make a disease stable or do not have a relapse a few years to a few years. For this pair of psoriasis, the in a sense also is to cure.
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