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Acne must notice Qing Dynasty heats up detoxify

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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Hunan day Metropolis Daily) Ms. Wang: The daughter is 14 years old, arrive in the winter, on back, prothorax with respect to chairman a lot of blain like acne, how is this to return a responsibility?

Jiang Zhengyi of associate professor of dermatology of hospital of Wuhan university people: What your daughter suffers from is acne. Because she is in hormone to secrete exuberant adolescence, together with back and prothorax sebaceous glands are richer, good hair acne. Answer to eat the food of suffer from excessive internal heat less usually, bathing frequency does not want too frequent, use the Chinese traditional medicine of some of clear hot detoxify appropriately. (Expert consulting hours: Zhou Er afternoon, 5 in the morning)

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