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Method of nettle rash treatment is very much

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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Hunan day Metropolis Daily) Mr Chen: How is nettle rash treated? What problem should diet daily life note?

The first hospital of Wuhan city benefit of abundant of 禤 of doctor of dermatological department vice director: Because nettle exanthema is very much, cent also have a variety of, treat a method so each are different: Refuse allergic treatment (if chlorpheniramine, Lei Ni replaces man,wait) , fight a bacterium to affect cure (use all sorts of antibiotic) , disease-resistant poison is treated (like virus Zun) , antigen bug affects cure (the) such as Qing Dynasty of the bug that be like bowel. Still have immune depressor cure, Chinese traditional medicine in addition cure. Had better limit excitant hair content at ordinary times, the protein that is like chili, wine, carp, seafood, half a lifetime, maintain defecate unobstructed, the attention waters, dietetic hygiene, assure Morpheus, ease mental pressure.

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