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Can dermatosis prevent?

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Want to prevent skin disease, the reason that is about to make clear Hunan dermatosis happens reachs his to develop consequence, try to be on guard according to different situation. Main measure has the following sides:

(1) maintain cutaneous cleanness sanitation to want to often use soap and warm water to clean to oily skin; To drying the skin should use soap less.
(2) maintain skin flexibility to be in cold season, want to often use skin of Tu Yu of embellish skin lotion, maintain cutaneous flexibility and softness, reduce skin chap.
(3) maintain scalp scalp to protective scalp avoids the effect that suffers outside stimulation, should notice often clip, fixed shampoo, maintain the cleanness of scalp.
(4) clean fingernail fingernail wants often clip, the contamination below front of cleared armour.
(5) protective skin even if the skin has petty damaged, also want to be handled in time; The skin that affects to already having is noticing to notice to protect on clean foundation, undertake keeping apart appropriately, prevent to contact infection; Skin of urticant to Sao sex wants to because catch,prevent to flinch on the foundation of active cure cause afterwards to send infection; Hot summer days, prickly heat is the foreboding that the skin affects, accordingly, prevent Fei, treat Fei crucial.
(6) eliminate the inducement that concerns with food to be like dermatitis of sex of excessive of bazoo of broken bits of eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, wine, fat to wait to certain dermatosis, should notice to restrict the food of sea raw meat or fish such as edible fish, shrimp and acrimony sex food.
In the meantime, enhance a constitution, maintain spirit happy, the attention takes exercise, reasonable nutrition, enhance airframe immunity power, improve healthy great debate besides etc also is very important.

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