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Prevent skin tinea to must pay attention to individual sanitation

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Want to avoid to suffer from skin tinea, must pay attention to individual sanitation, those who maintain footgear of the skin, clothings is clean. The dress does not choose too thick, material with pure cotton optimal, suck sweat easily, can reduce the body " damp " , often protect Gan Shuang. Singapore skin center owns advanced and perfect medical treatment facility.

Skin tinea, it is dinkum skin sensitive cause mark to itch, be still a kind of dermatitis?

Singapore climate is burning hot and damp, add people to communal swim the pool swims to wait, affect skin tinea more easily, make a person strange extremely urticant.

Skin tinea belongs to skin disease of infectivity, it follows dermatitis similar, endless however and identical, latter won't be infected. The symptom of disease of skin of this two seed coat is the skin special mark is urticant, occurrence roseola or small erythema piece, scratch the skin to itch aglow more more, affected part limits can expand further. Tinea affected part often goes out to perspire now more place, inside of the ministry that be like a foot, ham, nevertheless cutaneous pathological changes differentiates not easily sometimes, because this is ill person had better allow doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment, fasten careless Tu Yao or take drug, because this may make,the illness becomes more complex.

Skin tinea is affected by fungus and cause

Dermatitis and skin tinea are the most apparent different, because likelihood and food are relevant,guide formerly namely, ate some kind of seafood for example kind, cause the skin particularly easily sensitive, form dermatitis; The floor cleaner that perhaps uses in the home again, also may stimulate the skin, cause inflammation. Because be affected by fungus,skin tinea is and cause, the treatment of two kinds of diseases is accordingly different also.

Dermatitis belongs to the skin sensitive, go up commonly on put on the skin sensitive medicaments, can restrain the skin farther agnail. For example medicaments of meeting admeasure steroid gives the doctor the patient, solve the problem with skin urticant mark.

Below normal circumstance, we cannot take steroid at will, answer to occupy illness prescribe of the patient by doctor root. Because steroid can reduce the reaction of the immune disease-resistant of human body, and do not provide antiseptic function, so, if he will give birth to tinea to regard as by accident,be dermatitis, and buy affected part of steroid pharmaceuticals paint, illness not only cannot reduce, become possibly instead more serious because of the infection of fungus, add epithelial skin to lose resistance, suffer other bacteria infection very easily, make originally the illness becomes more complex.

Stop from what buy on market urticant medicaments, some contain steroid part, if be being used carelessly, the condition of skin agnail is probable more flooey, fungus can spread to the body other position, affected part also can leave ugly scar. Psoriasis is a kind of dermatosis that effects a radical cure not easily.
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