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Spring prevents skin disease

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The winter goes spring come, everythings on earth anabiosises, our skin course is long " hibernant " later also gradually come to, the physiology activity of human body sebaceous glands and sweat gland increases with each passing day, the skin appears exquisite and luster.

But all sorts of dust that float in air, microbial the grow in quantity with pollen, stick very easily on flimsier and sensitive facial skin, cause Sao to itch thereby with irritability dermatosis. And oily cutaneous the person because air temperature is calefacient, leather fat is secreted overmuch, if maintain undeserved, easy cause pore to jam, cause acne.

So, spring how should we maintain oneself skin, where is the harrass that prevents all sorts of skin disease? We should according to him cutaneous property, the choice suits his method that protect skin:

Oily skin should decrease or disuse is oleaginous more fat kind cream, convert latex and soft skin water;

Drying skin should choose the frost of oil content moderate or beverage, if the skin has dry feeling, can use twice, after waiting for first time to absorb, besmear again;

Neuter skin can use the emulsion with little oiliness commonly;

Sensitivity skin should choose what completely crude crude goods pledges to protect skin to taste.

Spring sunshine is vernal, dan Zi exterior line cannot treat sth lightly to cutaneous harm, when going out, still go up in order to besmear cream or prevent bask in frost had better. Protective skin still should notice science maintains reasonably method.

Should use Wen Shuiqing everyday clean is facial 2 come 3 times, use face of warm water clean first every time, use face of apply of towel of lukewarm wet down a few minutes, make pore is extended adequately, wash with clean face serum, keep clear of facial dust and bilge clean.

Should do every week 2 massage to 3 ego, nutrition should choose to abound when massaging and without pungent massage fluid (normally with natural biological product had better) , with both hands buy two buccal massage gently by circlet of the picture outside introversion, circulate in order to promote cutaneous blood, make skin burnish exquisite and rich stretch. Maintain in the skin the effect that face film cannot ignore in the process, answer every week apply face 1 come 2 times, this action still has the effect that guides all sorts of active nurture pledge, can add skin flexibility and soft embellish touch, make skin becomes more bright beautiful.

Divide outside protecting skin commonly, the food with even special reasonable attention, eat vegetable fruit more, drink water more. Want to have enough sleep, often attend outdoors activity and physical training, in order to enhance the strength of airframe, maintain skin cleanness, resist bacterium, virus is eroded to cutaneous.

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