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Dry-clean clothings bewares catch skin disease

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The dress sends dry-clean, let Ms. Li catch skin disease however. The reporter understood in society of consumer of saddle hill city recently, the clothings after dry-clean has peculiar smell, wear the condition that causes skin disease to the body to happen from time to tome nowadays.

Introduce according to Ms. Li, on March 19, she wears the cashmere garment pants that just took from cleaners to the body, did not think of to appeared on arm and leg in the evening that day little like papule red place, painful itch again. To hospital inspection, the doctor says is infection went up dermatosis, figure the cause that causes disease is pants of garment of dry washed cashmere.

According to introducing, major cleaners of saddle hill city uses 4 chloric ethylene generally to serve as solvent. Last year, disappear of saddle hill city assist the discovery in be being checked, wash clothes the problem of clothings across pollution with the wholesome state of course of study and complex origin is very serious, and the pathogen that through machinery of 4 chloric ethylene dry-clean can not exterminate dirty clothes place to carry thoroughly and virus.

As we have learned, absorb 4 chloric ethylene for long to be able to make central nervous system weak in great quantities, cause dizzy, disgusting wait for a symptom. The United States studies the report shows, the dry-clean clothings place that takes moisture slightly sends out the gas that come out, it is to pollute one of indoor airy material. Concerned expert points out, should hang in ventilated place when the clothings recapture home dry-clean hind, a week hind is worn again.

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