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How to prevent skin disease

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[Skin bacteria is affected]

1, skin infection can be divided for bacterial sex, fungus sex and virus sex.

2, should appear when red, swollen, painful, pus, it is skin bacteria sex appeal to catch more.

3, skin infection can appear in different season, good hair crowd is extensive.

4, skin infection appears in more face, neck, bosom, back, shoulder, hand, sufficient wait for place.

5, the trigonometry division that forms with place of corners of the mouth nasally, contain rich blood-vessel, when occurrence bacterium is affected, if processing is undeserved, for example the mistake squashs, the likelihood causes the infection inside skull, need more attention.

6, infection of common skin bacteria sex has: Pustular sore (common says " impetigo " ) afterwards of traumatic infection, eczema, prickly heat sends folliculitis, furuncle, carbuncle, skin bacterial infection.

N/med beriberi afterwards sends afterwards of bacterial infection, acne to send bacterial infection.

7, skin bacteria infection, serious when meeting occurrence shiver, calorific wait for a circumstance, answer to have treatment in time to the hospital at the moment.

8, search actively cause an element, treat fundamental pathological changes, for example diabetic hormone is secreted wait mussily.

How to notice in daily health care

1, notice the individual is wholesome, maintain skin cleanness.

2, when clean skin as far as possible gentle, complete.

3, suffer from a crowd easily to should avoid to use the product protecting skin with oiliness overmuch fat, in case block pore.

4, increase athletic sports, increase airframe disease-resistant capacity.

5, avoid the skin as far as possible traumatic, be like occurrence cut, should seasonable disinfection, keep clean, make its dry as far as possible, do not provide the environment of warm moisture to bacterium of cause of disease.

6, active cure answers when occurrence problem, avoid to catch flinch, extruding. (He Xiaoling)

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