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Facial skin is strong and handsome hold

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Facial skin is strong and handsome hold undertake massage to the skin namely actually. Its principle is make through massaging cutaneous blood gets ameliorative circularly, stimulative cutaneous is metabolic, make skin moist, red-blooded.

The first, massage direction

Furrow and muscle trend become right angle, right angle is become with furrow when massaging move toward down sarcous namely. That is to say, if furrow is transverse, fore-and-aft massage; If furrow is perpendicular to, transverse massage. Because facial muscle grows toward a direction, massage so also want government a direction. Do not pull repeatedly pull muscle. Will be answered back and forth massage, meet those who bring about furrow appear instead.

The 2nd, canthus, corners of the mouth delimits circle.

The furrow on canthus, corners of the mouth is it is a center with eye, lip, show radial. Because eye and lip are,this is be surrounded by the cricoid muscle place of constrictor. Down sarcous direction, delimit the circle is massaged can. When massaging, must not exert oneself to do sth. .

The 3rd, gimmick wants light.

Massage give out heat slightly to the skin or have blush can. Make an appointment with every time 10- - 20 minutes, the light music on companion feels the meeting is better.

The 4th, when the skin has infection, acne, do not undertake massage, affect in case diffuse, the loss outweights the gain.

The 5th, when massaging, want first washable surface ministry, frost is massaged on besmear, such already save labour, smooth. After be being massaged, usable hot towel wipes massage frost, such, can feel comfortable not only, still can enhance massage result further.

The 6th, massage but oneself or ask other to undertake, but before massaging, need to wash the hand very neatly.

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