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The skin fights consenescence

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1, the skin that understands oneself

The skin of different character is having different susceptibility to the harm of the outside: Oily skin is the strongest to stimulating resistance, neuter skin take second place, drying skin is the weakest. Accordingly, understand skin nature, ability has the choice of specific aim to protect skin to taste.

2, considerate and subtle skin

Do not brush a face with coarse towel. Because be stimulated,your flesh liver is met and become coarse otherwise, can accentuate even the acne on your face and other inflammation.

3, your skin has fruit sick at heart more vigor

Use those who contain fruit sour cream to protect skin to taste, the skin that can make you provides work to do more. Fruit acid can promote cuticular cell to grow, add those who return skin cell to update, make the skin pure and fresh, delicate, smooth rich flexibility

4, keep apart wholeheartedly prevent bask in

Ultraviolet ray exceeds the natural consenescence of skin far to the harm of skin, it makes the skin coarse, generation splash, make blood capillary outspread even, and air pollution and the color that keep for long on the face makeup erode cutaneous health more easily. So, should notice cutaneous segregation is prevented bask in.

5, do exercise having oxygen more

Proper carry kinetic energy accelerates cutaneous blood to circulate, conduce to a cell absorbing oxygen, come 3 times 5 times every week, every time 20 minutes - games of 30 minutes having oxygen makes your skin keeps ruddy.

6, for skin " dietotherapy "

Food of a few crude fibre should include in your cookbook, if be mixed tomato patch all sorts of wheat kind biscuit. This kind of food is rich vitamin, mineral with fatty acid, maintain kilter to having main effect to your skin.

7, adjust good Morpheus time

When you sleep soundly, skin of person iron sheet is undertaking metabolism ceaselessly however, ego is adjusted. Accordingly, if unwarrantable enough sleep, your complexion is met it seems that dark and gloomy does not have light. Enough sleep is the natural hairdressing secret recipe of young skin.

8, the society loosens the mood

Pressure and anxious meeting cause endocrine disorder, make the skin appears easily all sorts of inflammation, because this takes out 15 minutes everyday - 20 minutes of time loosen him, can make skin extensive revives force.

9, slam the door is undesirable expression

Strabismus or frown can make you premature appear petty furrow, you often can maintain a smile, avoid strabismus and frown as far as possible.

10, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline

The opportunity of facial occurrence furrow compares the person that smoke Everyman is times more! Do not want please for profitless " cheesy " abandon the skin with meticulous tender bewitching.
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