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The skin should rely on autumn to enter fill

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The autumn is moment of cutaneous of take good care of sb, good prepare for forthcoming cold winter. Cutaneous state can suffer seasonal, climate, age, vivid momentum and certain pharmaceuticals affect and produce change, the dosage that because this protects skin,tastes and sort, use place also must inspect skin condition and differ.

The skin has work to itch or go up makeup do not arrange slippery condition, the skin that shows you is belonged to dry model. In choose make up when water, must carry alcohol part little; The latex should choose moist class status tall.

If your forehead mixes the autumn,the nose still floats glossy, that is oily skin. Need to be in only two buccal the place that feels dry slightly is brushed moister maintain article, need not whole face daub.

Apropos interpose at on two kinds of skins between, should be outside daub latex, reoccupy cream.

Eye ministry produces furrow easily, the phenomenon that because be short of aquatic product to give birth to microgroove,Qiu Dong appears easily especially is OK morning and evening uses eye frostlike powder. The use method with eye accurate frost is: Take eye frostlike powder the place that arranges half centimeters in orbit of eye week distance with the means of dub with finger, not too stand by an eye, avoid eye frost to enter an eye, stimulation weeps. Take the skin, although feel to still eye frost float is in on the skin, also do not knead again brush again, give the lane of eye ministry skin with small a rope for towing a boat furrow.

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