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The skin is clean, white fair-skinneding secret

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The skin is clean, white fair-skinneding female, always can enjoy special treatment, because, skin tenderly in vain equably, can foil more the bright and beautiful that gives facial feature is moving. In this summer, you also can loosen gently the skin that the pine has Bai Xi, enjoy the advantageous sense that brings to her.

The United States is white, blanch artificially by no means, the purpose is actively avoids skin to produce spot, make skin healthy, send out the burnish that natural clean fair-skinneds. So, besides in burning sun pawn it is to need to strengthen prevent outside basking in, need to have beautiful white job all the year round, resist different ultraviolet ray. We offer a few beautiful Bai Xiaochang to know under.

If not be to must go out, avoid to came to went out at 2 o'clock afternoon at 10 o'clock in the morning, because of a day in the center, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is the right now strongest, the fiercest also to the harm of skin.

Every time insolate falls at sunshine, should use in time prevent bask in a product, and hour of every other 2-3 is brushed again. In addition, although can be basked in euqally in water, like paddle or diver so, need to use prevent bask in coefficient tall and have waterproof effect prevent bask in article.

Want to had undertaken outdoors activity only, no matter the degree of insolation how, after coming home, should rinse the whole body clean first. After cleansing the body with light movement, rinse bubble clean with Wen Shui, rush with cold water again drench, can wipe some of body protect skin to taste. Or with ice cube of towel wrap up, iced is sending the skin that gives out heat about, slow down is hot and dry sick feeling.

watermelon skin glacial apply is basking in red skin to go up. It is its life C, OK that natural watermelon skin contains safeguard skin of calm Wen Run; Natural Lu Hui also has same effect, tall gives intermediate Lu Hui to pledge apply has effect of territorial integrity diminish inflammation on skin, have cool and relaxed use again, improvement skins aglow phenomenon.

Water is hairdressing emperor is tasted. Awake in the morning hollow drink a cup of water the most healthful, a lemon is added in water, can have hairdressing effect to skin; In the evening first before 30 minutes, also drink one cannikin water please, let cellular imbibe, undertake evening hairdressing. When drinking water, contain water in the mouth first, delay, let body interior organ get used to the temperature of water.

A large number of compensatory vitaminic C. Much edible is fresh vegetables and fruits, be like: Small cucumber, strawberry, tomato, orange, they are contained many vitaminic, can assist skin to restore Bai Xi, also can prevent the generation of shading, let skin send out healthy burnish.

Slow the body and mind that stretchs tight closely. The skin that life pressure can bring is unwell, be in the skin below pressure for a long time to need to be taken care of particularly, in the music with night relaxed and happy listen respectfully, do in the Le Sheng of nature good beauty maintains in vain and purify the heart, slow and tired out body and mind.
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