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How does oily skin do?

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My skin often gives oil, but arrived to return meeting desquamate sometimes in the winter. The skin removes blain easily, pore is bigger, easy and aglow, knowing is what reason.



The symptom that offers from you considers you to may be oily skin, skin fat kind the cutaneous condition when content is more than normal skin calls oily skin. Oily cutaneous feature is, leather fat is secreted exuberant, present outward appearance of fat excessive sex, pore is bulky, wool bursa mouth appears a lot of small macula. Leather fat and skin metabolization child and dirt, bilge mixes, biologic affects Yi Zhiwei, bring about the happening of disease of a few skins. Oily skin furrow is opposite less, often have fat property bit, easy long acne (blain blain) .

Oily skin is decision of genetic element place more. Additional, often also behave at adolescent crowd for oily skin. Oily cutaneous person fleck is little, pigment spot is little, lines is little, but dander is much, grow acne and little a knot in one's heart easily.

Nurse to oily cutaneous, should reach neuter in order to rinse relatively after assuasive soap washs a face, use appropriately a few make up water or talcum powder, can make pore contractive, reduce the skin to give oil. To oily skin, exceeding catharsis does not have advantage, after the fat film that expresses because of skin of complete catharsis eliminate, can stimulate sebaceous glands to secrete more skin fat, create vicious circle.

Oily cutaneous the person thinks he need not be done commonly nurse, protect skin rarely in the winter, because climate is dry,can produce the phenomenon of desquamate so. Aglow the local organization proliferation that causes because of blain blain causes the skin.

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