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Optimal skin maintains method

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(When 1) washs a face, him according to cutaneous type, choose the following method.

·Neuter skin- - use half cups not the yogurt of feed in raw material, interfuse capsule of a vitaminic A.

·Drying skin- - need not yogurt, however yoghurt is oily.

·Oily skin- - oil of fluid shape ox is added a few salt.

·The skin slightly ruddy person- - half cups of yogurt, add the almond oil of on 3 big spoon, use face.

No matter make why be planted on in order to things, basically be to want department of thoroughly abluent face.

(2) makes pore outspread () of use steam law.

(Face of gush of 3) reoccupy milk.

Consult cutaneous is phyletic, will following solution is put into atomizer, next gush is on the face.

Neuter skin- - half cups of refrigerant and defatted milk, add on half cups of refrigerant tea with milk.

Drying skin- - half cups of cold milk and commensurate rose water.

Oily skin- - plum of detailed of lemon juice of the defatted milk with 2 big deliquescent spoon, 2 big spoon, gold is 2 big spoon, thick tea a cup (3 times thicker than common tea) .

Course of action: A few lemon juice, defatted milk is added in hot tea, put in double boiler, heat with Wen Huo, refrigeration hind is put in freezer to save.

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