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Dermatosis needs avoid certain food

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Patient of a lot of dermatosis can ask a doctor after see a doctor, whether to need avoid certain food. Clinical really on a lot of dermatosis need food to move avoid. Be like eczema, urticaria, different the common disease frequently-occurring disease such as dermatitis of sex of excessive of disease of tinea of branny rash of sexual dermatitis, heurodermatitis, psoriasis, rose, compressed liver mosses, red skin, fat, its come on having extremely close relationship with food, all can make an illness because of having excitant food or hair thing aggravating, because this has the patient of food allergy element to those, during coming on or after sickness recover from an illness, should be restricted or the thing that the raw meat or fish such as abstinence fish, shrimp, crab, sheep sends, the birds such as chicken, duck, goose kind food and green, ginger, garlic, chili, coriander, wine kind wait for exciting food or deepfry hard digestive food.

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