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Undesirable habit can accentuate dermatosis

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A lot of people do not know, there are a lot of undesirable habits and customses in daily life, can cause a few skin disease heavier and heavier, or long treat do not heal. List as follows now:

Excessive scratch catch: Sao itchs is the clinical symptom with the commonnest skin disease, the skin itched scratch the desire that stress with respect to meeting generation, a bit is not scratched catching is not actual, but excessive scratch catch can aggravating skin disease. A lot of patients are a graph temporarily delighted, scratch forcibly pay skin Sao urticant part, catch the skin continuously till haemorrhage: The result is to catch more urticant more, more urticant catch more, form vicious circle. Actually, excessive scratch catch can bring about a lot of dermatosis accentuation, can make for instance the pathological changes skin of heurodermatitis gradually coarse, fleshy; Can make acute eczema diffuses further, aggravating and oozy. So, while dermatosis patient is being treated, must run oneself hand, avoid to scratch as far as possible catch, sao is urticant acuteness when can take medicine or Tu Yao in time to stop urticant.

Hot water scald: A lot of patients use rash of hot water scald, although can be solved so temporarily urticant, but Sao of aggravate of the meeting after passing is urticant, especially the dermatitis such as acute eczema, hot water scald can make blood capillary is connected appear a gender to increase, promote allergic material to be released in great quantities, bring about oozy accentuate with erosion, make an illness exasperate. So even if Chinese traditional medicine is fumed wash and current and popular sauna, to acute eczema and acute dermatitis patient also be unsuited.

Use alkalescent scour: A lot of dermatosis patients, if hand ministry chaps,sexual eczema patient has the habit that uses alkalescent soap, washing powder or catharsis spirit to wash one's hands repeatedly. Actually, these catharsis things cause the skin easily more dry, make chap, Sao urticant aggravating. Urticant disease of Sao of senile sex skin bathes with soap can restrain leather fat to secrete, make the skin drier, accentuate thereby Sao is urticant. Accordingly, this kind of patient but the toilet soap with rich fat of try out oiliness.

Food not section: A few people because feed flesh of meat of seafood, dog, flocks and herds, fish, shrimp, crab, silkworm chrysalis,can reach all sorts of excitant food, if eat chili, Chinese prickly ash, garlic, cinnamonic, leek to wait, and cause the abnormal reactivity skin disease such as eczema, urticaria, or make its aggravating. Accordingly, opposite quick constitution person for, should avoid what stimulate tartly to taste, dietary appropriate is delicate, can eat some of fruit appropriately, compensatory a variety of vitamins.

Abusive medicaments: Can say, the appearance that causes dermatosis accentuation because of abusing medicaments cans be found everywhere. For example, external use is coriaceous steroid treats tinea manuum, the result brings about rash limits more and more extensive. Facial grew compressed wart, after abusive hormone medications, treat more more, treat bigger more. Dermatitis of sex of facial fat excessive is long-term external use hormone, caused the hormone dependence dermatitis that bigotry treats hard. Acute debaucjed is oozy sexual eczema, abusive ointment kind preparation, bring about rash to diffuse, oozy accentuation. So, remedial dermatosis wants to be diagnosed clearly above all, be aimed at the pathogeny, according to the configuration of rash, choose appropriate remedial method. Bright
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