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Warm spring section should prevent skin disease

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Warm spring already came, to a lot of people this is a good season, dermatological department of hospital of Beijing rising sun Director He Yanling reminds everybody, enjoying warm spring red-letter day while, also want to notice the prophylaxis and treatment that makes good skin disease works.

Director He says, rise as air temperature gradually, fungus also begins vivid capriole to come, at the same time the outdoors activity of people rises often gradually, consequently, the probability that contracts skin disease also increases subsequently. Director He reminds people, having outdoors activity while the dermatosis such as the dermatitis that should notice to because pollen, catkin, mosquito bites to be caused with ultraviolet illuminate,prevent.

Additional, a lot of ladies that pursue style like to wear leather shoe nowadays, even a year in 3 season are wearing leather shoe, actually such practice goes against skin health. Director He says, because the permeability of some skins boots can be poorer, people is covering for long foot, when the temperature inside the shoe achieves 27 ℃ , most of bacterium of benefit Yu Zhen grow, perspire plus crural ministry, local humidity is bigger, it is very easy to be met so cause a few relevant skin diseases such as beriberi, serious still can cause dermatitis.

Director He suggests, in warm spring section, wear permeability less as far as possible poorer shoe or do not wear, additional, if discover local skin has urticant feeling, occurrence rash or toenail is out of shape when waiting for a circumstance, should timely seek medical advice, cure of as soon as possible.

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