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Spring dermatosis treats complete guideline

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Spring dermatosis one: Hypersensitive

Hair cause of disease because: Spring is the season that climate changes, because air is medium dispersed bacterium spore and pollen send allergic material, a few have irritability cutaneous the person is after the material such as the air that contacted pollen, certain food, pollution, the skin can appear the symptom such as red, papula, scratchy, desquamate.

Use drug to disease: + of profess to convinced is local use drug

Profess to convinced fights allergic medicaments, wait like chlorpheniramine, calm opening luck, action is to stop urticant. Chlorpheniramine a day 3, . Drive lucky level one day, . Because fight allergic medicine to be able to make a person drowsy, if be the patient that is engaged in the service industry such as the driver and student gens, best option leaves lucky level, one is taken before sleeping, won't delay the job and study, the price of calm opening luck wants a few more expensive, 20 multivariate.

Local with medicine: Allergy appearing on the face is most of be perturbed calling a person, face issue issue closes great, but cannot brush medicine in disorder, the can use cold compress method with lighter symptom is reduced, if compare serious, a few using can fall in doctor guidance coriaceous hormone kind medicaments is like hydrogenation cortisone, a day, after the symptom is reduced with respect to out of service, the time that use drug does not surpass a week. If go up to also have allergy personally, can fill in with the ground the affected part on body of daub of frost of Mi Song, camphor, a day two come 3 times, improve to stop namely.

Additional, the MM with beautiful love wants out of service cosmetic and maintain article, can brush a face with vitamin E frost at ordinary times, wash a face with Wen Shui. Finally, remember wanting to leave allergic source, the person with sensitive skin should compare average person when outdoors activity more careful, facial skin touchs lest to wait for material to pollen.

Spring dermatosis 2: Contact sexual dermatitis

Hair cause of disease because: The patient is in the majority with the female, main reason is daub cosmetic or chemical of bring into contact with allergic and cause, face minister erythema, blister, exciting and serious still can cause swollen, bilge, painful.

Use drug to disease: + of profess to convinced is local use drug

Profess to convinced fights allergic medicaments, usage and irritability disease are same.

Local with medicine: If be in a bad way, can use in affected part inunction strong but loose ointment of rice of a place of strategic importance of loose, ground, OK also the form that vein injects, everyday one, do not surpass a week commonly.

Out of service sends ill cosmetic.

The doctor reminds: Some people regard hormone as the elixir that treats skin disease, not the diagnosis of classics dermatosis doctor, have a bit unwell, free the besmear outside the remedy that contains hormone. The result causes the complication of trouble making a person however, make an illness aggravating, still can cause even become addiction with medicine, once stop medical hind, 9 can have a relapse in the day.
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