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Stubborn psoriasis meets Ke Xing

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Motherland medicine experienced an endless, meandering course to the understanding of psoriasis. Be in inchoate, locate understanding object at a kind of disease, bring about understanding the object is ambiguous. As the development of understanding, gradually " white 秓 " from inside a kind of disease depart comes out; On pathogeny interpretation of the cause, initial stage emphasizes external cause " wind " , " wet " unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is coming on medium action, ignored endogenous action. As research gradually thorough, take internal cause seriously gradually the action in come on, those who think internal cause is to come on is essential, inside and outside is brought about because of joint action " white 秓 " happen and develop; On cure, earlier with dry wet, kill bug, dispel the wind to give priority to, as interpretation of the cause of ill to this pathogeny accurate hold, change direction gradually at basically be a law with clear heat, cool blood, moisten the respiratory tract, and advocate grading treatment. So far, motherland medicine is right " white 秓 " skin disease of this one stubborn sex basically formed more mature understanding. After bright Qing Dynasty, include a lot of more contemporary cure home, right " white 秓 " understanding has play more again. If famous dermatosis expert divides common psoriasis Yu of dry of hematic heat, blood, blood 3 model theory treat: Hematic heat treat heat up cool blood invigorate the circulation of blood with Qing Dynasty, hematic dry treat in order to raise moisten the respiratory tract of hematic method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, hematic Yu treat with invigorate the circulation of blood the travel that change Yu is enraged. The expert thinks " hematic cent has heat " it is the main pathogeny that psoriasis comes on, dry talking treats dry of the sirocco that divide blood and wind of deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, the external application of gene biology preparation that approves with bureau of national medicine inspect respectively combines argue disease profess to convinced in officinal cure, solved the difficult problem that psoriasis breaks out repeatedly.

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