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With " biology missile " to psoriasis declare war

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Our country has own intellectual property the first times, be known as " biology missile " medicaments of Chan Kelong antibody " the leucocyte that fight a person uprights element - breast of 8 Chan Kelong antibody cream " will appear on the market 2005. "The leucocyte that fight a person uprights element - 8 Chan Kelong antibody " breast creams is national biological product a kind of new drug, the external use of odd clone antibody that also is the initiate on the world treats psoriasis (psoriasis) new drug, its come out open up the new field that antibody of international odd clone uses.

[the price] 192 yuan. A period of treatment 12. A 10 grams, 12 a big.

Buy an address: Road of the colleague below Sichuan province the Chengdu City 53 liberation armies (78438 army) dermatological department of office outpatient department (the outpatient service that major treats skin disease 22 years)

Inferior dimension pharmacy production

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