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Breast of favour rich gram creams disease of remedial red skin psoriasis a clini

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Wang Meina Gao Yuxue

Red skin disease psoriasis (Erythrodermic Psoriasis) renown psoriasis sex red skin is ill (Erythrodema Psoriaticum) , this pathogeny cure is undeserved, enter date of departure to apply excitant stronger medicaments or common sex psoriasis to use hormone remedy for a long time in great quantities in acute of common sex psoriasis especially, stop drug or decrease capacity method undeserved be caused by. In addition, pustular sex psoriasis is in pustular subsidise process, yi Ke appears red skin is ill. This disease occupies the 1 % of psoriasis about. Expression diffuses for skin of the whole body red or sexual tide is dark red, strut or companion have oozy, exterior Fu has bit of scale of many bran appearance. Patient companion has have a headache, calorific, Wei is cold etc the whole body is unwell, simple table lymph node enlargement, leucocyte computation heighten. If do not have seasonable and correct processing, cause death extremely easily. Because leather damage area is large, the bacterium is invaded easily, can bring about septicemia and die; Because blood sticks inadequacy of capacity of consistency heighten, blood to wait, cause heart failure and die; Because function of liver, kidney fails and Yi Ke causes death. This ill course of diseases is longer, after curing have a relapse easily. Use us favour rich to overcome breast to cream combination treats red skin disease psoriasis with medicine now a clinical curative effect reports as follows.

Patient, female, 38 years old, married, not Yo. Suffer from psoriasis 25 years, inchoate Ceng Yongyi double Lin, second inferior amine, datura flower, hormone medication, after stopping drug, all have a relapse. Ceng Yin was taken 1990 " folk prescription " , 4 months bring about abstinence oil, salt, vegetable sex of low blood Potassium breaks down, enter nerve internal medicine to treat, leave hospital after 20 days. Because stop medicine to bring about illness accentuation, diagnose for " red skin disease psoriasis " , on April 16, 1990 hospitalization, left hospital on September 5, 1990.

On March 13, 2002, this patient because systemic skin tide is red take off bits a month comes cure of make a diagnosis and give treatment (see a picture 1) . Outpatient service diagnoses recrudesce of red skin disease psoriasis, breast of gram of applied favour rich creams Tu Yu affected part, daily 2. The two further consultation with a doctor after week, skin tide is red reduce apparently, scale bits decreases apparently (see a picture 2) . On March 17, 2002, should the patient asks to give vein of Vit C 3.o the a bit, 2 weeks. On March 20, 2002, give will establish letter 100ml, day vein a bit, a week. The further consultation with a doctor after two months, bits of skin tide red subsidise, scale disappears (see a picture 3) .
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