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Those who solve drug silt soup to treat psoriasis is clinical study with the exp

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Change silt soup to treat mechanism of the clinical curative effect of psoriasis and action to study detoxify, soup of silt of applied solution drug is right patient of psoriasis of 50 common sex undertakes clinical cure observes, use small rat-tail ministry to make psoriasis animal model, in order to solve stomach of fill of drug silt soup, the effect that observes its to be formed to cell of grain of small rat-tail ministry. The clinical cure rate that discovers detoxify changes silt soup to treat psoriasis is 42.00 % , always businesslike for 90.00 % . Animal experiment shows the alexipharmic Shang Nengming that change silt shows the ground to add the grain layer of skin of scale of small rat-tail ministry, with contrast group compare difference to have significance. Soup of silt of visible solution drug is the effective prescription that treats common sex psoriasis, its action mechanism likelihood and adjust the oneself immunity function, hyperplasia that restrains cuticular cell is concerned.

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