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Turn from magazine of Chinese leprosy dermatosis 2005 the 21st the 2nd period)


Psoriasis is with phlogistic sex cell infiltration cutin forms a cell one kind the common disease that excessive hyperplasia is pathology feature. Hair ill mechanism is unidentified, likelihood and immune function have particular concern unusually.

IL - 8 is factor of a kind of main cell of hurried inflammation sex, basically originate CD of cell of active monocyte, gigantic be addicted to, part4Cell of T lymphocyte, hemal endodermis, cutin forms a variety of cells such as the cell. A large number of capillary in organization of skin of the hyperplasia that thinks IL - 8 has hasten to change leucocyte, direct exciting cutin to form a cell normally, stimulative pathological changes are formed wait for action. And proliferous cutin forms a cell to be able to secrete IL - 8 again, provide enough blood and nourishment for excessive hyperplasia, growth cuticular cell thereby, create the vicious circle that more and more serious inflammation reacts. Accordingly, serum the IL- 8 with leather medium or local damage is elevatory, the inflammation that guides in interpose cell of the excessive hyperplasia of psoriasis skin damage, inflammation forms ulcer of Munro small pus and leather damage part inside skin is moist main effect is produced in waiting for a process.

α of TNF - also is factor of a kind of main cell of hurried inflammation sex, basically arise by huge bite cell, target cell is base cell, can bring about cellular noxiousness, revulsive leucocyte to convey ICAM – 1 with ELAM – 1, Kb of stimulative nucleus factor (NFkB) activation, revulsive a series of cellular factor expression. Conversely, the α of TNF - of heighten of leather damage position hyperplasia that can stimulate cutin to form cell, endodermis cell and become divided and lure unripe model synthesis of one oxidation nitrogen is enzymatic (INOS) generation, form vicious circle thereby. Cutin forms a cell accepting α of TNF - , IFN to wait alone or after stimulating activation jointly – of can revulsive IL 8 reach IL – the 8 unusual generation that accept put oneself in another's position and secrete. This announced common psoriasis comes on in α of TNF – may be IL – a 8 elevatory stimulus, they are possible mutual and revulsive or the inflammation sex immunity that was retained in some kind of synergism to participate in psoriasis jointly is ill manage process.
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