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The expert says gene of hereditary skin disease can fight skin consenescence

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British scientist says, they discovered the gene that concerns with dermatosis of a kind of transmissibility, but it or can help the entrance door that opens remedial skin ageing. Lipoid albumen is ad cool-headed disease (Lipoid Proteinosis) front courtyard of a hunderd schools on influence whole world, be in area of south Africa north particularly general. It makes the patient's skin and tongue long thick, written guarantee next a scar that is like yaricella. This kind of disease can bring about epilepsy, and cerebrum calcium is ad cool-headed wait.

Now, researcher believes they had found the genetic gene mutation that causes this kind of skin disease. The scientist thinks, this gene can make " of content of agglutinate of sex of biology of a kind of " , make all sorts of chemical material combine cutaneous. Pledge between surface of this kind of cell that be called (ECM, extra Cellular Matrix) protein can do probably natural " sun umbrella " , prevent the skin to be damaged by sunshine.

Institute of king of British London university (King ' S College) Professor Maigelasai says, this is an important discovery, it makes monitor the remedial method with this kind of hereditary disease and new research to become likely. He points out further, the physics that this discovery also is the skin condition such as research furrow changes open up way. Long-term exposed to the open air is below sunshine can let the skin produce furrow with normal skin consenescence. Protect or be it is OK to increase the qualitative protein between cellular surface ensure skin " combines " cheek by jowl, prevent furrow. The pathogeny of ad cool-headed disease believes lipoid albumen is 1650 era arrives by a German belt of south Africa.

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