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The expert discovers green tea can bring a new life to the skin

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Expert of medicine of American Zun Zhiya city discovers, green tea place contains the active that a kind of much more phenolic compound that the name is EGCG can enhance cell of human body skin.

The person's skin is formed by cuticular layer, dermal layer and subcutaneous tissue layer. Newborn skin cell breaks up ceaselessly in the meeting after achieving energy adequately, the function in cell of skin of the new student in the process that arrives at each skin layer can split up. Arrive at skin when new student cell after the layer is the outerest, cellular active can be reduced quickly, form waterproof layer. After about 8 days, cuticular layer is the most external the cell can die naturally, new cell can arrive at cuticular layer afresh the most exterior. American medicine expert discovers in research, although EGCG cannot pass through skin, but it can be cuticular layer the most external the cell provides energy, make the cell breaks up once more, differentiation, enhance its active, make the condition of skin surface is able to improve thereby.

Researcher thinks, according to afore-mentioned character of EGCG, the EGCG in be expected to use green tea develops new drug, cure and skin cell update the dermatosis that concern, make cut heal.

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