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Chinese expert finds new method of remedial deepness burn

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Extract from inside plasma " cold precipitation " remedial deepness burn, expert appraisal was passed in haing city a few days ago. Classics animal experiment and clinical observation confirm, the curative effect of this biology preparation is apparent external use of excel other convention medicines and chemical reagents.

Accordingly Pang Jianhua of director of division of plastics of burn of the 5th hospital introduces one of project participator, Harbin city, "Cold precipitation " be those who point to plasma to fall in condition of C of ° of centigrade 4 is sedimentary, bases is fiber join albumen (English abbreviate FN) . Consider to discover, the FN content inside person burn rear body drops, make the repair time that achieve a face is lengthened. If right now local external use contains a lot ofthe plasma of FN " cold precipitation " , can increase local FN concentration, benefit cicatrizations at achieving a face. Because FN has chemical hasten to change intention, can attract cell of monocyte synthetic fibre to be in achieve gather on the face, create a condition to cicatrization; FN has opsonic effect, can be brought into play and raise those who gobble up a cell to gobble up ability, cleared and necrotic organization and bacterium; FN has sex of unripe long-term job, can promote epithelial grow quickly.

Up to now, the clinical application of 46 patients makes clear, this biology preparation can shorten greatly period of treatment, suit deepness burn patient especially.

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