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Skin spend menstruation drug complaints Runhe skin specialist hospitals in Che

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Liu brought in the hospital prescription, we see: Tacrolimus ointment 2, Fang Xie Wei A capsule 2 boxes, the other is that some vitamins, as well as to challenge her Guizhifuling capsule. Gynecologist Lecture: Indications Guizhifuling capsules are: blood, circulation, elimination disorder, places a sign for pieces of women, or blood stasis amenorrhea, menstrual pain, postpartum lochia endless. The drug is the same to rid of menstruation skin effect? This medicine is a doctor in the normal range? Liu problems with these people we consulted a hospital in Chengdu Tsai, MD, dermatology, general understanding of the circumstances of Dr Choi told us: "the drug for the treatment of little significance gross weekly keratosis, treatment of skin diseases are generally not open. If it is I certainly would not open the medicine, but not cure keratosis hair week, no need to spend too much money to treatment. "As to whether the parties to this medicine doctors in the normal range, the physician would not rule out Patients with requirements, can not determine whether the out of range. Liu insisted that he heard no reply, the experts requested the parties to request medical help to regulate menstruation. So what is the passing of the doctors involved in treating other diseases did not want to tell the patient, or are there other reasons? We will further attention.
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