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Requires long-term deal with allergic skin disease "combat"

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Recently temperatures continue to drop into the cold winter, the sun is particularly "cute", and many people like to enjoy the "sun bath", but some people can not have such "treatment." Recently, Ms. Lee for quite upset, finally have time to travel abroad, was going to play some fun, do not want allergy symptoms have emerged, his face and neck covered with a rash, and swollen and itchy, taking medication but no effect. Later discovered that cause allergies "culprit" turned out to be the sun. Skin Hospital, Jiangmen City, Director of Integrated Traditional and Western medicine practitioners Zhuzheng Jun Pediatrics noted that many people in the winter sun to relax vigilance, pay no attention to the sun, some sensitivity to light are prone to photosensitive skin disease. Sun exposure in patients with this type of site, such as face, neck and so prone to allergies, sometimes only slightly in the sun, such as the car was sitting in the window or curtain side exposed to sun drying, can cause allergies, and even from the fluorescent lamp too close, too strong illumination of light rays can also cause allergies. Not only light, but also with a variety of articles on allergies, "connection", the more common allergens known to have more than 1500 kinds. "Allergens in allergic diseases because many, many patients do not know yourself what you really allergic to anything, so can not do anything, and in the course of treatment, because of its repeatedly to attack, people asking this question." Zhuzheng Jun said, "patients allergic disease must be correct attitude, not always thinking of how to instantly 'wipe' it, but requires a long-term resistance, adherence to treatment, preventive mentality. " A, many allergens Today, more and more allergic patients, it was introduced, leading to the main substance of allergic skin diseases, including: food, such as cereals, wheat, milk, eggs, meat, fish, seafood, nuts, fruits , beans, vegetables, spices, food additives, alcohol; drugs, such as Chinese and Western medicines, vaccines, medical materials, etc.; flowers, insects, animals, fungi, cosmetics, metals, and a wide range of modern chemical products. Not only is the material, physical stimulation can also cause sensitive, such as scratching friction, light, temperature (cold and hot), color. Mental stimulation may also cause allergies, if a person cold case, cold water, skin swelling, itching, and some people see blood red blood or something similar will feel nausea, dizziness or even shock. "Life is a common cause of drug allergy, house dust mite, milk, eggs, seafood, pet hair, flowers, cosmetics and detergents, mosquito bites, home decoration products, such as occupational exposure." Zhu Zhengjun said. Many people are curious: "Why are people not allergic to the same environment, but why are allergies on their own?", Or "Why did not contact with a substance and allergy symptoms, but why, after an interval of time is allergic to the substance? " In this regard, Zhu Zhengjun explained, allergies and personal physique, which has a strong genetic predisposition, parental allergy, the children prone to allergies. The incidence of allergic sensitization to a certain extent the process, often the initial contact is not allergic to a substance only stimulate the body to produce antibodies against the substance after the true allergic or immune cells. The medical term is allergic allergies, there is rapid onset and delayed, delayed type hypersensitivity reactions take 1-2 weeks or even longer before the onset of symptoms. In addition, some people allergic to a substance, while others on a variety of allergic. Will not only cause a variety of allergic skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, purpura, contact dermatitis, allergies, or cause repeated coughing, asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, indigestion, dizziness the direct cause of headache. B, how to find the cause allergy of the "culprit"? So, how can we know about what allergic to? Zhu Zhengjun suggested that we should know whether allergic to a substance, you can look carefully, repeatedly verified. First, completely clear of the material was highly suspected allergens more than 2 weeks, and then touch the substance, if symptoms can be sure that it is the basic allergens; followed a week completely clear of the substance, the symptoms improved or disappeared, and then exposure to the substance, the symptoms reappeared, this time the substance can be sure that allergens. If symptoms appear, persist in 2 weeks, there is still asymptomatic, allergic to the substance can be ruled out. This experiment requires patience and time. To be more specific and rapid detection of the right kind of allergic to can turn to modern detection techniques, detection methods have been carried out now, including the origin of skin allergy prick test, in vitro allergy testing (blood test), skin spot post test, the light sensitive test, food intolerance testing. Allergen skin prick test is the skin test to determine whether a particular individual allergic to specific substances. The state of the body and drug testing by a greater impact, but also easy to add to allergies, so now use more blood with a specific allergen reaction method to determine the allergy, known as allergens in vitro. The test more accurate, less affected by factors applicable to a wide range. In addition, also for patients with suspected allergic substances such as food, cosmetics, contact with objects such as post test for skin spots, targeted to determine whether patients with suspected allergic. Food allergy food intolerance can also detect those who are allergic to light can be used for light-sensitive tests, these tests need to be carried out in specialized hospitals, the price is quite expensive. Zhu Zhengjun reminder: "allergic are more look for allergens should be targeted, regardless of the doctors or patients, is still a very difficult task, requiring close coordination between doctors and patients." C, common misconceptions about the treatment of allergies For the treatment of allergies, Zhu Zhengjun that the key is to avoid allergens, increasing physical activity, and enhance personal immunity, reduce the number of attacks. "In the treatment of allergy, the patient needs to correct the erroneous understanding, correct treatment of mentality, with the doctors, adherence to treatment, the only way to truly achieve the good result." Zhu Zhengjun stressed. In the course of treatment, patients with common misunderstandings include: ◇ always looking for the complete cure. In fact, the treatment of allergic diseases and cold is similar and does not require treatment can prevent a future recurrence. As long as the disease does not affect the quality of life, symptoms can be well controlled, is to achieve a good therapeutic effect, not too far in pursuing the so-called "radical" and increase their psychological burden. ◇ requirements available. In fact, allergic disease is a chronic, recurrent disease, treatment Guizaijianchi, require long-term operations, it is difficult to immediately work. ◇ medication will solve the problem. Indeed there are many current anti-allergy, but not eat the allergy is no longer allergic, antihistamine to relieve and control symptoms, but can not reduce allergy reasons. Really solve the problem or actually allergic to allergens to be avoided, increasing physical activity, and enhance personal physical fitness, this is the key to prevention. "For the early diagnosis and treatment of allergic skin diseases should reduce damage, prevent allergies cause skin allergic mucosal injury secondary to other substances. And on the serious and specific allergens, allergy, immediately stop the exposure to allergens and medical treatment. For reasons clear, but can not avoid persons, such as certain foods can be gradually increased a small amount of desensitization way. "Zhu Zhengjun said. Now for the domestic oral desensitizer mites, mite allergens on a better therapeutic effect, to have multiple allergies can also help, but their course of treatment usually takes 2-3 years. In addition, immune regulation of Chinese and Western medicine has some effect, but also takes a long time medication. Allergic disease is not life-long unhealed, with the immune status of the change, some patients are able to miraculously self-limiting, such as infant allergies, the majority will be as the child grows, the maturity of the immune system to reduce or disappear, but also Some people in the disease, pregnancy, immune status is changed, the original allergy symptoms will disappear. Expert card Zhu Zhengjun: Skin Hospital, Jiangmen City, Master of Integrated Traditional and Western pediatric, pediatric director of TCM, 1993, graduated from Hubei College of Integrative Medicine in the Pediatric Clinical postgraduates, had been involved in paediatrics, medicine, internal medicine, emergency department, Rheumatology , medical centers, clinical dermatology, and other front-line positions, and has accumulated rich clinical experience. Wuyi Hospital of Jiangmen City, he was the third clinic, the second clinic, medical center director, has been linked to Ren Kaiping City, president of Chishui town hospitals, sub-health medicine is good at conditioning and allergic diseases, hypertension, pediatric cough, anorexia, baby eczema, diagnosis and treatment of children with diarrhea and other diseases. Tips Jiangmen City Hospital is a state-run hospital skin, responsible for skin and venereal disease prevention, according to the national "Eleventh Five-Year" major science and technology, "STD effects of AIDS prevention" requirements, the implementation of syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, free checks , as well as syphilis, gonorrhea free treatment.
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