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Antibiotic treats acne to increase the dangerous sex of disease of sex of other

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Basis " dermatological department learns document " (month of Archives Of Dermatology)9 period the report of a document that go up, in acne patient, use what antibiotic treats 6 weeks of above to produce the upper respiratory tract to affect inside 1 year (URTI) possibility is did not use antibiotic 2 times much.
Although abuse antibiotic to meet those who bring about a bacteria be able to bear or endure,the phenomenon such as property of a medicine and the happening that increase infection sex disease already caused the attention that comparative, but the crowd that still does not have antibiotic of long-term to those contact almost has undertaken study. Long-term application antibiotic is to acne already the standard treats a method appropriately again, these patients that use drug for a long time just are natural and special crowd, agree with the effect that studies antibiotic uses pair of human body for a long time.
Ni Yada of guest evening standard learns the David J of the college of medicine. Dr. Margolis and his work in the same placing chose England the 1987-2002 in database of a medicine year the case of illness that is diagnosed to be acne, age 15-35 year old. Control jumbly element through building statistical model to reach (the frequency that includes a patient to see a doctor second) , investigator people the acne patient that compared applied antibiotic remedy and need not the difference between the occurence rate of the patient URTI that antibiotic treats.
In 118496 acne patient, 84977 (71.7% ) exemple the antibiotic treatment that has accepted more than 6 weeks, or local with medicine or profess to convinced, 33519 (28.3% ) exemple had not accepted. In the first year of observation, 18281 (15.4% ) exemple acne patient produces URTI at least, the patient that the occurence rate of the patient that has accepted antibiotic treatment has accepted than doing not have is 2.15 times taller.

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