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10 big news announce Chinese medicine science and technology this year

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"Tian Chi cup " 10 big news were in Chinese medicine science and technology on December 27 2001 Beijing is announced. This is the Chinese medicine science and technology that chooses the 10th times since 1992 10 big news.

This second activity gives birth to medicines and chemical reagents of ministry, country to monitor drug of traditional Chinese medical science of management board, country by ministry of Ministry of Public Health, science and technology, total full back division of management board, China assist, the unit such as meeting, healthy newspaper office combines China medicine sponsor, limited company of IT of medicine of Shenzhen Tian Chi assist do. Wu Jieping of vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress holds the post of a commissioner can total adviser,

Selected " Tian Chi cup " 2001 Chinese medicine science and technology of 10 big news is:

One, country " 95 " biology technology and science and technology of medical sanitation domain tackle key problem the plan obtains major breakthrough, 5 years obtain positive result of science and technology in all more than 500, among them nearly 100 win award of achievement of science and technology of the country, class that visit a department, application home is patent more than 1000, international is patent more than 100, cultivated large quantities of one science and technology industry, achieve production value nearly one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, drove our country Chinese traditional medicine the rapid development of industry of engineering of medicine of modernization and biology medicine, biology.

2, human gene group plans to obtain series progress:

A collection of illustrative plates of group of 1. mankind gene and preliminary analysis are announced, china assumes " 1% projects " ahead of schedule two years scale is finished.

Scientist of 2. our country takes the lead in finishing coccus of the helicoid that hook end, cuticular grape, Teng Chong in international hot bacterium of be addicted to, not the group of microbial complete gene such as bacterium of family name of congratulate of family name annals measures order subtly, the understanding that extends ill mechanism to promoting relevant disease and the sense of research and development with vaccinal medicaments are great.

3, the third Military Medical University " the surgical remedy of stone of liver bile duct and its complication and experiment study " , designed different surgery to treat a method in the light of different pathogeny, long-dated curative effect is admirable rate from 10% rise 87.1% , this achievement wins first prize of progress of national science and technology, fill successive the blank of respect of medicine of first prize of progress of science and technology of 4 years of countries.

4, new drug development obtains significant progress:
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