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Beautiful scientist discovers skin of the existence in wool bursa does a cell

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The likelihood in the wool bursa that American scientist discovers hair root ministry is put in the skin to do a cell. If this one discovery is confirmed, the hair cause of disease that will conduce to mechanism of understanding cutaneous rehabilitate and skin cancer because.

Wool bursa is the place of hair growth, density does not distributing all to separate position in body greater part. Dry cell is can development becomes those who organize an organ " mother cell " . The scientist has discovered a when be located in the wool bursa lateral under skin raised place is perching hair does a cell, dry cell can transform department of wool bursa root downward, make hair second birth.

But two scientists of college of medicine of new York university and college of medicine of guest state university are in the United States of 18 sunrise edition " cell " say on the magazine, this one raised and same the home that is skin dry cell. These skins do a cell can up migratory, arrive at the skin all round.

These two scientists are doing the research that cellular domain had is as long as 20 years. They are in mice wool bursa raised place observes the phenomenon moves on skin dry cell first, but anatomize make clear, human wool bursa also has similar raised, this one raised the fountainhead that is human skin dry cell likely. The scientist thinks, the mankind still may have other skins to fight cellular cause, be in the place that does not have wool bursa especially.

New discovery explains, human wool bursa is raised medium dry cell is all-round model, already can development becomes hair, can development becomes skin cell. In addition, wool bursa is damaged from long-term will treat meeting harm skin, because this is possible,the skin of area of exclosure of nip off week fights cellular cause.

Dr. Lafuke says the college of medicine of guest state university that participates this research, this one discovery conduces to the mechanism that explains ultraviolet illuminate causes skin cancer. Ultraviolet ray cannot illuminate arrives wool bursa lateral is raised the dry cell of place, but the dry cell that can injure shift to go up to skin is unborn, these dry cell offspring that are injured by ultraviolet ray still can continue to break up, cause skin cancer.

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