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French expert says qualitative difference of skin of thing honest person is nota

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French skin expert considers to discover, the skin difference of Oriental and Hesperian is notable. They suggest woman hairdressing does not want angle modern, and the skin character that wants him foundation chooses proper skin to nurse method.

The researcher that French skin studies to investigate a center passes pair of France women and Japanese woman to compare discovery of object of two groups of investigation seriously, skin puts the person cutaneous of same ethnic group in character dry, fat wait for all sorts of difference, but property of different and racial cutaneous differs completely. If be in Japanese woman, the 60 skin to 70 years old of old people is the strongest to cold, wind and dry sensitivity; And to French woman, as the growth of the age, the sensitivity to afore-mentioned elements can increase gradually, but begin wear off later in 60 years old. Be like again, the Japanese woman that 90 % is surveyed stimulates the skin below the circumstance to be able to appear in alcohol and other outside erythema, and 62 % is only in the French woman that this one scale is being accepted to investigate.

French expert considers to think, as the growth of the age, the person's skin can lose the luster former days gradually, plant to different person however for, the element that brings about their skin to lose luster differs completely. If bring about French skin to lose the element of burnish,be hemal ageing, and the account that Japanese skin loses luster is skin Hei Suhua. Researcher expresses, this discovery will conduce to those who development of specific aim land suits different ethnic group protecting skin to taste.

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