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Blame medicine professional careful undertake dividing knitting with Botox

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RIO DE JANEIRO, (Reuter medicine news) dermatological department expert says, use inject Botox to treat facial furrow to be in at present rapid popularity, because practice doctor abuses be caused by,this is, expert of dermatological department of and rather than or place of plastic surgery doctor are.

Doctor Edileia Bagatin of university of holy Paul federal is alive congress of bound hairdressing dermatology (World Congress In Cosmetic Dermatology) on tell, application this medicines is improper may cause serious face paralysis and deformation.

The blame medicine professional that uses this remedy in beauty parlour is increasing ceaselessly, be in especially Brazil. This medicaments is used undeserved besides the risk that can pose a patient, art aftereffect fruit not beautiful also can make the public gets to the view of this therapeutics negative effect.

Bagatin explanation says, this treatment method is medicaments inject is entered facial and special exact position, the muscle that makes some specific group flabby, make furrow disappears thereby. But the knowledge that uses this kind of method to ask the ministry anatomizes a structure to have development on the doctor.

A lot of people try this officinal at different area, but actually it can the piscine end grain of furrow of purify forehead ministry and eye week. To this medicine devoid control makes the expert feels anxious, the medical company that produces this medicaments must make sure the doctor that this product is accorded with to ask only is used.

Botox is medicaments of relax of strong flesh dried meat floss, its are deadly the quantity is 2000 units or taller. Although divide,knit hold time shorter, but the effect is distinct. So only but with other facial apply except the combination that knit art.

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