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The scientist discovers α - the mutation of serial albumen gene can cause skin

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Be in according to publishing of newest first phase " cell " an article story on the magazine, the mutation that the scientist of American Chicago university discovered to normal join is formed between cell of skin of a kind of block up recently is in of skin cancer come on inchoate the effect with rose very main.

In this research, these scientists carry material of a kind of when lure joint of cell of decrescent rat skin young member, the pathological changes before making the skin of small rat produced a kind of cancer then -- former a cancer of scale shape cell.

According to statistic, cancer of scale shape cell is one of two kinds of the commonnest skin cancer types of complete beauty. Long-term since a kind of happens later relatively pathology in be being considered as skin canceration process continuously firstly changes. And once this element happened to lose in cellular join,this researcher discovers amazedly however, "Cellular scale model goes " in the skin the time that appears in cancerous happening process can shift to an earlier date greatly. Accordingly, the scientist thinks, this constituent is in the function inside human body was to participate in the connective between the cell to form merely by no means.

Consider to discover, the formation of skin skin normal connective forms hang on between every skin cell, and the join between the cell can pass two kinds of structures to finish- - conglutinate join and cellular bridge bead. α of young member material - serial albumen is effect was produced in conglutinate join. It joins conglutinate and the frame of structure of a kind of power in the cell -- cellular framework (flesh is moved) albumen join was in one case.

Scientist discovery, be knocked besides encode α - its skin horn changes the small rat of the gene of serial albumen it is normal to cannot be formed between the cell " conglutinate joins " structure. Very thick and the skin skin of these small rat is very coarse. In addition, normal what the skin of small rat depends on cellular configuration is different can divide for 4 structures, and these knock the skin cell that eliminates gene rat its configuration feature already became essential cannot identify, nature of cutaneous administrative levels is punch-drunk also. The scientist thinks, closely related the happening that this kind of unusual skin corner changes cell and skin cancer.

Consider to confirm further, α - of serial albumen be short of break the cell that can cause cell of small rat skin cycle happening is disorder. The scientist returns discovery, encode α - of the gene of serial albumen be short of lose the access of Ras-MAPK cell signal that can activation to be able to control cellular hyperplasia one kind, latter activation already was confirmed the happening with a variety of cancer is concerned.

The scientist thinks, there may be some kind of across between the adjusting control way that in cellular hyperplasia the join between access of adjusting control signal and cell forms, and this crossing perhaps is α - serial albumen.
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