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Moist agent has auxiliary therapy effect to dermatosis

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Moist agent is a kind of material that can be surface of skin cutin layer to offer oily layer, it can make water is divided store stay in corneous layer lower part. Rise before 5000 oneself, moist agent is used at answering especially the cure of the dermatosis such as disease of sexual dermatitis, psoriasis, scale. But up to now, still doctor and patient support distrustful attitude to moist agent cure. The investigation that waits according to k of C o r , only of 5 % answer especially the parents of dermatitis patient knows the gender how to have local treatment; The little patient of 23 % never accepts treatment of ointment of moist frost / , and the average dosage of weekly and moist agent is the little patient that accepts moist agent treatment only 54 g . Investigate a foundation to go up here, k of C o r undertook further experiment, increasing external use namely below the circumstance of intensity of coriaceous steroid hormone and dosage, the dosage of moist agent increases 88 % (use moist agent every week namely 426 g ) . The serious rate of result patient eczema fell 89 % . One cosmetic company what to 90 ages 10 months come 10 years old is special should sexual dermatitis patient had a research, in external use the intensity of coriaceous hormone and dosage maintain changeless circumstance to fall, suffer the person that try frost of skin of embellish of application of every extremely big dosage, the patient skin of the 3 98 % after week is dry as a result the symptom gets ameliorative, the patient Sao of 86 % itchs the symptom is reduced, the patient erythema of 85 % drops. These experiments showed moist agent cure to answer especially the effectiveness of the dermatosis such as sexual dermatitis, and the dosage that the main reason with thinks moist so not valid agent may be them is too little. Of course, not be to say to answer especially the cure of the dermatosis such as sexual dermatitis uses moist agent only, but the foundation that this should be other treatment method. The mechanism that we treat skin disease to moist agent below and method undertake brief elaborate.

Function of cutaneous protective screen

The skin of human body surface has main protective screen function, it protects airframe to dismiss the mechanism in sufferring outside ambient, of physics, chemical with biologic the injury of harmful element, have the effect that all sorts of nutrition material, electrolyte and water divide reservation airframe already, can prevent foreign material again (like antigen) inbreak airframe. Healthy skin is just like a solid brick wall, cutin forms cellular action to be just like among them brick, and the action of fat qualitative layer is equivalent to fill at meantime colloid. Skin fat qualitative layer is colloid contain store water material (like urea) protect wet factor with nature (NMF) , these material conduce to it is moisture lock surely in skin cell, make skin cell holds strut thereby, make cranny does not appear between them. Cutaneous flexibility and extend sex have immediate concern with its water content.
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