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"Protect a law to stop the challenge is twin " confirm further in Chinese activi

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The male lose one's hair (MPA) call androgen source sexual lose one's hair again, it is phenomenon of the commonnest a kind of lose one's hair, the main reason that brings about MPA happening is genetic element and androgen metabolization wrong. The blame that development of limited company of pharmacy of silent Sha Dong produces that hero amine (protect a law to stop ® ) , it is the tablet of profess to convinced that first also are the remedial MPA that appears on the market exclusively via American FDA approval. Protect a law to stop to confirm the effect of ® cure MPA, limited company of pharmacy of silent Sha Dong initiated a name to be in the whole world " protect a law to stop ® challenge is twin " activity.

Because the twin meeting of identical and genetic gene appears at the same time,discover an elephant, because this takes medicaments among them, another refuses to obey medicine, compare both response again, when can studying target number is limited, still evaluate medicaments curative effect can rigorously, carefully.

This activity was pulled open in New Zealand on October 21, 2000 prelusive, area of and other places of Taiwan of Australia, Singapore, our country, Hong Kong attends in succession. 3 ground of our country Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou began this research in March 2002, the purpose is the comparative research that carries pair of twin brother, understanding protects a law to stop the curative effect of MPA of ® cure our country.

This is a many center, open, contrast research. 18 ~ is 50 the choice years old of odd egg a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant between are healthy the male is twin. d of o of o of w of r of the o that press N - cent of n of o of t of l of i of H a m , degree of twin lose one's hair is II ~ V model. Random selection twin is taken medium everyday protect a law to stop g of ® 1 m , another is taken comfort an agent, by a definite date 6 ~ 12 months. Every maintain same hair style to twin during research, use same brand to wash hair fluid, cannot use medicaments of any other treatment sex or cosmetic. Research target films in remedial around photograph of ministry of the top of head, undertake by dermatological department expert curative effect is evaluated.

The result shows, 5 pairs of twin are taking drug 24 week hind, the person that take drug mirrors trichomadesis to decrease, head grease is secreted decrease, and the increase that self-conscious hair has different rate. The photograph is evaluated show, degree of lose one's hair of the person that take drug spends improvement gently, degree of lose one's hair of the person that did not take drug it is thus clear that at the same time spends accentuation gently, or did not change. Curative effect observation shows, 27 years old of groups relatively effect of 45 years old of groups is apparent, clew lose one's hair is inchoate take protect a law to stop ® effect is better.
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