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It is difficult that transplanting of medullary dry cell is cured the cut that t

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A small-sized advanced research of United States of report from our correspondent makes clear, medullary dry cell is used at treating a gender hard directly chronic cut, can make cut cicatrizations completely. This one research is published in l of o of t of a of m of r of e of D of h of A r c as a result (2003, 139  510) go up.

a of v of a of i of B a d Dr. s waits for college of medicine of American Bostonian university say, contain phlogistic cell as a result of marrow ancestor cell, qualitative dry cell and much abler cell, so marrow is it seems that those who treat chronic cut is appropriate await the person that choose. According to recent report, medullary dry cell has plasticity, accordingly, it is likely that they produce new skin cell.

s of a of v of a of i of B a d undertook to 3 patients from body marrow the cell transplants, the cut of these 3 patients already 1 did not cicatrization many years, the treatment that applies a standard all disables with all sorts of active cure, include external use of biology project skin agent and transplant from body skin.

As a result all patient skin cut cicatrization completely. Result of skin vivid check hints, implant cell grows, clinical make clear with histology evidence, cicatrization decreases.

Investigator says: "To the observation clew of the medullary cell of education, derma ancestor cell was not lost in the process that the cell develops. What this provided the bigger range of cure of medullary cell transplanting and more effective treatment to us is likely. Extract skin cell ancestor cell inferior model, the heal to spurring cut is need. "

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