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PUVA but cancer of long-term heighten skin comes on danger

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Boston of United States of report from our correspondent breaths out Buddha college of medicine the report such as n of e of t of s of N i j , element of filling bone fat (n of e of l of a of r of p s o ) combine therapeutics with ultraviolet A (PUVA) the skin of tumour of blame black element that can increase a patient it is dangerous that cancerous  NMSC  comes on, if use dose bigger, the hair ill danger of cancer of the 20 old skin after cure ends still heighten.

n of e of t of s of N i j says, 30 years PUVA is used extensively at treating psoriasis and disease of skin of other much seed coat recently. A lot of research prove, the hair ill risk that PUVA can increase SCC  of  of cancer of scale shape cell significantly; After cure ends 10 old, SCC sends sick into death danger still heighten. Study clew, PUVA still can increase base cell cancer (the hair ill danger of BCC  , although its are dangerous big without SCC.

But after people is treated to PUVA longer what the change that NMSC of the patient inside time sends sick into death danger knows is very little. After ending to study PUVA is treated further, NMSC hair ill danger of the patient lasts after all how long, sex of the look up before the n of e of t of s of N i j psoriasis patient that has used PUVA to 1380 undertook is followed visit. (2003  of l of o of t of a of m of r of e of D of t of s of e of v of J I n 121  252) among them male patient occupies 64 % , average age is 46 years old.

The result shows, PUVA dosage is the mainest factor that brings about SCC to send heighten of sick into death danger. PUVA dosage is highest the SCC incidence of a disease of group patient is dosage 30 times of lowermost group patient. The patient form that treats < 200 times after 25 years, the patient that has 7 % about appears 1 or many SCC; And 400 times patient group has remedial > the patient of 50 % of > produces SCC.

For many times it is dangerous that PUVA cure also increases BCC to come on significantly, especially male patient. The patient form that treats > 200 times after 25 years, the patient of about 33 % appears 1 or many BCC. BCC sends sick into death danger to also follow PUVA to dosage increases and increase, but increase gradient steep without SCC.

The proposal such as n of e of t of s of N i j , answer the patient that treats with PUVA to undertake be followinged for a long time visitting. When the security that determines other treatment, the PUVA of patient of Lv of take an examination is treated history.

Investigator says, PUVA is treated history likely risk of the following to the patient cure produces an effect, especially newer immune depressor and immune conditioning agent. Because be in these tall danger patients, they may have cause skin cancer effect potentially, or make of PUVA send skin cancer action to show come.
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