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The research of psoriasis cure makes progress

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Nearly 10 one's remaining years comes the hair interpretation of the cause of psoriasis made research obtain greater progress, especially immunology mechanism and gene element learn a respect, the cure that is psoriasis offerred new strategy. Study what treat about psoriasis to new current situation and progress do one overview now.

One, immunology cure

Psoriasis has apparent immunology unusual, include immune cell activation, what factor of cell of immune watch expression, inflammation releases is unusual. Those who be aimed at these immunology is unusual, undertake immune adjustment already made new remedial strategy.

㈠ antibody is treated

According to the different link with psoriasis unusual immunology, can use the antibody that regards target as antigen in the light of different element or structure to have treatment. At present approval appears on the market or the odd clone antibody in be being developed, favorable clinical curative effect and wide applied perspective were shown in the cure of psoriasis.

1 , fight CD4Antibody CD4The element basically distributings in T cell surface, through as complex as main organization consistence system (MHC) II kind the activation that antigen interaction shares T cell and antigen are carried assume a function, in psoriasis there basically is CD in inchoate skin damage4 T cell infiltrates. Source of choose and employ persons changes fight CD4Odd clone antibody is treated, to what other remedy resists spot piece psoriasis achieves satisfactory result, the leather damage area of the person that treat 4 weeks of future trouble spends an index badly (PASI gives a mark) drop on average 46 % .

2, fight CD25Antibody CD25The development with psoriasis and have dependency continuously. r of e of g of e of K r u use source of a kind of person to change fight CD25b of a of m of u of z of i of l of c of a of d of antibody of table odd clone, treat 16 weeks to 19 psoriasis patient, grading of the 8th week of PASI drops on average 30 % ; Of surface of cell of T of the week outside hour of the 1 after antibody injects
CD25Be closed namely, the 16th week of expression drops 44. 8 % .

3, fight tumor necrotic factor - α (TNF- α ) antibody

Had appeared on the market at present fight TNF antibody to have 2, namely b of a of m of i of x of i of l of i n f and t of p of e of c of r of e of n of e t a , use disease of bowel of Yu Yan sex and rheumatoid arthritis extensively already. In be opposite 33 - spend psoriasis patient again random experiment makes clear, effective in time is 4 weeks, have taller curative effect and the time that show effect is shorter, without serious side effect.
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