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10 years clinical experience reviews the application of Yi Qukang Zun in dermato

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Chen Zhijiang of Cheng of Ma Peng of Cui Pangen of solution person sea

The 3 Zun that Yi Qukang Zun is a kind of efficient, wide chart, profess to convinced kind fight fungus medicaments, appear on the market 10 years to be used already extensively at treating a variety of fungus to contract sexual disease in China. While its curative effect and security obtain affirmation, reported a large number of treatment program about Yi Qukang Zun. The article reviewed 10 years to publish publicity document, aim to pass contrast the remedial program that these results get suitable Chinese crowd more, the security of the report after big to its range applies undertakes summing up.

One, infection of shallow ministry fungus

1.Body tinea

The foot that reports different author is right 2513 body 4 kinds of Yi Qukang Zun of tinea patient treat plan to induce at the watch 1. Zhang Gong compared profess to convinced d of · of g of m of 200 of Yi Qukang Zun-1× 7 days (27) with 14 days (13) remedial system the difference of tinea, undertake an analysis to 4 weeks of results after, discovery does not have statistical difference. But Wang Zenggui the clinical trial that wait reachs however contrary result, the cure rate difference after they observe period of treatment of accident of Yi Qukang Zun is in 4 weeks is very notable, think long period of treatment can heighten curative effect consequently. Be aimed at 2513 body 4 kinds of plan of tinea, 3 kinds of plan after we were compared and the 1st kind of recovery rate of plan and businesslike, with respect to recovery rate character, d of · of g of 200 m-1× 14 and d of · of g of 100 m-1× the scheme of 15 is apparent d of · of g of m of excel 200-1× 7, and the businesslike difference of 4 kinds of plan is not big.

Express 1 Yi Qukang Zun to treat form of tinea quite 方案分组 报告病例 治愈(%) P 有效(%) P 不良反应(%) 200 mg·d-1×7 2148 1765(82)   99%   1.68% 200 mg·d-1×14 120 109(91) P<0.01 100% P>0.05 1.67% 400 mg·d-1×7 79 65(82) P>0.05 100% P>0.05 0.00% 100 mg·d-1×15 166 150(90) P<0.01 98% P>0.05 3.61% 采用卡方检验与200 mg·d-1×7 治疗方案组比较的P值。
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