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Remedial eczema, butter be inferior to wiping balm

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Lady of king of way of stand of gold of area of Beijing rising sun: In " of star hairdressing " be economical old law " " one article writes: "With whole milk powder right amount and move into with Wen Shui mushy, apply is waited for on the face dry, lie between a day to do, can have after a month slip in vain already the skin of luster... milk powder can well nutrient skin, bathe after the milk that the baby has eczema to also can use its to be drunk daily is diluent. " after reading this article, I give the baby that giving eczema daub with this method, but symptom not only did not reduce, eczema becomes increasing instead. Excuse me, does this method apply to infantile eczema really? other better idea?

The expert thinks, because the hair cause of disease of infantile eczema is very much, in the environment that because the damp and hot inside body is allergy of overweight, food, indoor,the skin always is in moisture, and the clothings that wore stuff of stimulating chemical fibber, make the baby suffers from likely on eczema. Accordingly, treating eczema had better be to go to a hospital fish pathogeny, so that have treatment of specific aim ground.

Milk contains the nutrient part with a lot of pairs of advantageous skins really, milk part also is contained in connecting many cosmetic. But, although milk can let the skin become lubricant luster, but if apply it in remedial eczema,go up, criterion the effect is not too good, current and clinical go up to also be used rarely.

Actually, treat the eczema of little baby, of normal hospital paediatrics open the eczema that go out to cream Dou Ting is effective. If do not want to use drug really, bit of sesame-seed oil is used in the home or olive oil also can solve this problem easily. The parent can be in oily daub directly the affected part of little baby, OK also plus a few other burden. For example, fry gram pink yellow with boiler, air is cool, with balm smooth, apply affected part. Because gram has alexipharmic effect, because this is both,collocation can treat eczema to shed Huang Shui. Still have, rice of the Huaihe River (the supermarket has carry out) have the effect with clear heat, wet benefit, grind rice of the Huaihe River fine face adds balm to be moved into mushy, apply is in eczema place, daily 1, 3 come 5 times to be able to improve. And direct daub is in olive oil affected part, also have remedial eczema and the effect that prevent the skin that bask in embellish.

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